IceOsphere – Premium Ice Spheres Mold for Whiskey – Large and Stylish

i love these there amazing there better and last longer then regular square ice cubes i make kool-aid ice balls and put them in my drinks and there awesome just add a little vodka or whiskey and you have the perfect cocktail i highly recommend these there a good price for the product i swear you friends and family will be amazed when you bring there drinks out

IceOsphere - Premium Ice Spheres Mold for Whiskey - Large and Stylish 6 X 4.5 Cm Ice Ball Maker - Great Design for Luxury Cocktails - Bonus Gift eBook Recipes and Manual


Universal Stroller Organizer Bag for Stylish Moms

Tired of searching through an entire bag to find what you need? i have gotten this for a discounted price for my honest opinion and i love this i highly recommend buying this especially for the new moms easy to use and is very light weight sits back on the back of the stroller and is great to put all your drinks phone toys bottles dippers anything you need for the day out on the town i highly recommend    

Flexwear 500ml/17 Ounce Capacity Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

i was supper lucky to have gotten this as a discount for a promo they were running and i am so excited to say what a great product compact and convenient Fits in the cup holder of your car, the water bottle holder of your bike, the pouch on your backpack,for both hot and cold drinks.i couldnt believe when Hot drinks stay hot for 12 hours,and cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours. and still with no staleness in it the vacuum top saves your drinks from getting stale i highly recommend this water bottle i love it and so will you.

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